Dom Perignon P2 Plenitude 2002 Champagne AOC


This fabulous cuvée of the Second Plénitude, made with the best of the vintage, is enhanced by the extra years in the cellar. It is after 16 years in the cellar that the cellar master Richard Geoffroy decides that champagne has reached a new dimension, an extra expression. Dom Pérignon "P2" defines itself as the master of the wine and perfectly reflects the divine know-how of Dom Pérignon.



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Dom Perignon Brut Oenoteque 1995


The name "othnothèque", a historian of the Dom Pérignon, indicates that part of the cellar where the vintage wines are usually kept, and for the Maison "othnothèque" expresses the precious declaration on the great longevity of a Dom Pérignon.

But "othnothèque" is also - probably - the most beautiful creation of Richard Geoffroy, the most famous chef de cave of the whole Champagne. "Œnothèque" is a Brut that marvelously embodies the essence of the most famous and iconic Champagne in the world, opening ten years after the harvest, and capable of guaranteeing one of the most important aging potentials for a Champagne.

It is a powerful, consistent and dense bubble on one side, then at the same time pure, lively and sharp, the daughter of an exceptional vintage that could not have been otherwise.

He is the king of the Champagne, and when the king wears his crown, he holds the scepter and sits imperiously on the throne, all the others have nothing to do but kneel, because there really is none for anyone: down the hat.


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